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Robert Wilde

"How a king's judges were hunted down"

By March 23, 2012

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During the course of the English Civil Wars, King Charles I was executed. When the country bought his son back as King Charles II several years later, the king was in vengeful mood, and a decision was taken: men who had signed the death warrant would be pursued and executed, while others would remain free, and a combination of punishment and drawing a line would occur. Three of those signatories had fled to Holland, a country frequently in conflict with England in this period, and a country they were reasonably sure wouldn't hand them back to England. But as this BBC article narrates, an agent of the crown tracked them down, abducted them, and took them to England, where they were executed. Given the controversies of the modern era, and the euphemism of 'extraordinary rendition' of terrorist suspects, modern parallels are begging to be drawn, and the article starts with one.


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