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This Day In European History

29th January

1327: King Edward III of England crowned; he is 15.
1791: With what we now call The French Revolution underway, Honore de Mirabeau is elected president of the French National Assembly.
1813: 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen is first published; the print run is 1500 copies.
1856: Britain introduces the Victoria Cross for exceptional valour.
1886: Karl Benz, German engineer, patents the world's first petrol driven car.

1688: Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedish theologian.
1717: Jeffrey Amherst, English soldier and governor-general of Canada.
1737: Thomas Paine, British political theorist.
1782: Daniel Auber, French composer.
1860: Anton Chekhov, Russian playwright.
1862: Frederick Delius, British composer.
1866: Romain Rolland, French writer.

1743: Andre-Hercule de Fleury, French Cardinal and Chief Minister.
1820: King George III of England.
1888: Edward Lear, British writer and illustrator.

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