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An Account of the Berlin Blockade - European History - About.com
The Berlin Blockade was an early stress point in the Cold War and a clear victory for organized air power thanks to the West's airlift.
An Introduction to the Cold War in Europe - European History
The first time the former allies acted as certain enemies was the Berlin Blockade. Post-war Germany was divided into four parts and occupied by the former Allies ...
Origins of the Cold War in Europe - European History - About.com
He didn't and the blockade was ended in May 1949 when Stalin gave up. The Berlin Blockade was the first time the previous diplomatic and political divisions in ...
Berlin Airlift and Blockade in the Cold War
Berlin Airlift - Background: With the conclusion of World War II in Europe, Germany was divided into four occupation zones as had been discussed at the Yalta ...
Stalin and the Cold War - Joseph Stalin Biography
While the Berlin Blockade was the last major military confrontation between Stalin and the West, Stalin's policies and attitude toward the West would continue as ...
Deutsche Geschichte - German History Glossary: Berliner Blockade
The Berlin Airlift (die Luftbrücke) was a response to the Soviet blockade of all Berlin land routes (die Berliner Blockade) in late June 1948. In 1948 there had ...
A History of the Berlin Wall
After attempts to force a renegotiation of terms failed after the Berlin Blockade, overtures were made to reunite Germany under a truly neutral government.
Deutschland: Bundeslaender - German Language - About.com
Even Berlin was soon split in half with the creation of East Germany in 1949. ... this historical summary of the events surrounding: the Berlin Blockade and Airlift,  ...
Berlin Airlift Artifacts, National Museum of the United States Air Force ...
Aviation history involves more than airframes. These articles are examples of items dropped by the U.S. and its allies during the Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949.
Air Force Enlisted History - US Military - About.com
Worried that an attempt to force the blockade on the ground may precipitate ... The Berlin airlift was arguably air power's single most decisive contribution to the  ...
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