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Top 11 Historical Myths Debunked - European History - About.com
There are an awful lot of known 'facts' about Europe's history which are actually false. Everything you read below is widely believed, but click through to find out ...
Was Adolf Hitler a Socialist? Debunking a Historical Myth
The Myth: Adolf Hitler, starter of World War 2 in Europe and driving force behind the Holocaust, was a socialist. The Truth: Hitler hated socialism and communism  ...
The Death of Catherine the Great (Historical Myths) - European History
This entry in our historical myths series examines two legends about the death ... Take a quick look around the web and you'll find pages debunking the idea of ...
Did Medieval People Believe in a Flat Earth? - European History
It was around this date that Greek thinkers began to not only realise the earth was ... Top 11 Historical Myths Debunked · 6 Myths About Flat Shoes · Flat Earthers ...
Debunking The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - European History
The Myth: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are the records of 24 (or 27) meetings held in Basel at the time of the First Zionist Congress in 1897. They detail a ...
Historical Myths - Index of Historical Myths - European History
Taking common historical myths and revealing the truth. ... Top 11 Historical Myths Debunked ... Debunking the Myths: How Catherine the Great Really Died.
Your Favorite Myths - Women's History - About.com
What are your favorite myths of women's history -- both those that are challenged and you believe ... Readers Respond: Your Favorite Myths, Debunked or Not.
Ring a Ring a Roses and the Plague ... - European History
The Myth: The British children's rhyme 'Ring a Ring a Roses' is all about the plague ... Top Historical Myths Debunked · How did Catherine the Great Die?
Adventure Game Myths and Facts Part 2 - Classic Video Games
The second part in our expose to uncover the truth behind the myths and rumors on the history of adventure games.
Adventure Game Myths and Facts Part 1 - Classic Video Games
When researching articles of the early days of Text Adventure games, I discovered so much misinformation out there, not online, but with some bad facts dating ...
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