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An Overview of the First World War - European History - About.com
This article gives an overview of the effects the First World War on the world.
The Best Books on World War I - The Great War - European History
Clark has won awards for his work on German history, and here he tackles in great detail the start of the First World War. His volume debates how the war began, ...
K - Glossary of the First World War - European History - About.com
K: The War Bureau of the German War Ministry; covered recruiting and labour. K1 / K2 etc. : Each successive 100,000 volunteers to the British Kitchener's Army.
World War I - 20th Century History - About.com
Fought mostly by soldiers in trenches, World War I saw an estimated 10 million military deaths. ... Also Known As: The Great War, WWI, the First World War. Ads.
Women in the First World War - Books - European History - About.com
There are probably books on any First World War subject you can think of, but there's a surprisingly small body of material devoted to women within the conflict.
B - Glossary of the First World War - European History - About.com
Battleship: The strongest ships available to any nation during the war, battleships were heavily armed and armoured vessels often described as 'mobile ...
World War I 101 - Introduction and Overview - European History
World War 1 was the first to make major use of machine guns, which soon showed their defensive qualities. It was also the first to see poison gas used on the ...
A - Glossary of the First World War - European History - About.com
A Frame: In terms of First World War trenches, an A Frame was an A shaped support sunk point down into the muddy ground, with planking resting on the cross ...
T - Glossary of the First World War - European History - About.com
T - Glossary of the First World War. ... A Beginner's Guide to World War I · World War 1 · - Library of Congress · A Beginner's Guide to the French Revolution.
World War I - 20th Century History - About.com
The First World War, originally called the Great War, raged from 1914 to 1918. Mostly fought in western Europe in muddy, bloody trenches, WWI saw the ...
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