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An Explanation of the Origins of the Cold War in Europe
This examination of the origins of the Cold War in Europe starts in 1917 and proceeds through the pressures of World War 2 and the aftermath, explaining how ...
An Introduction to the Cold War in Europe - European History
This profile of the Cold War explains how it began after World War 2, why it was ' Cold', what happened in Europe and how it ended peacefully.
Cold War History - History of the Cold War - European History
Cold War History - The history of the Cold War. ... An introduction to the Cold War in Europe, which dominated the second half of the twentieth century. Share ...
Cold War Timeline From 1917 to 1949 - European History - About.com
The Cold War was 'fought' in the aftermath of World War Two, from the collapse of the wartime alliance between the Anglo-American led Allies and the USSR to ...
The Marshall Plan - European History - About.com
The US, afraid that communist groups would gain further power – the Cold War was emerging and Soviet domination of Europe seemed a real danger - and ...
What Was the Iron Curtain? - European History - About.com
... division of Europe between the western and southern capitalist states and the eastern, Soviet dominated communist nations during the Cold War, 1945 - 1991.
Stalin and the Cold War - 20th Century History - About.com
After the end of World War II, tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States escalated to the point there was a Cold War. Stalin often taunted the West  ...
Containment - European History - About.com
United States foreign policy introduced at the start of the Cold War, aimed at stopping the spread of Communism and keeping it 'contained' and isolated within its ...
Cold War Glossary - 20th Century History - About.com
A glossary of significant and key terms related to the Cold War, the hostilities between the Soviet Union and the United States following World War II.
An Account of the Berlin Blockade - European History - About.com
The Berlin Blockade was an early stress point in the Cold War and a clear victory for organized air power thanks to the West's airlift.
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