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An Explanation of the Origins of the Cold War in Europe
Pre-World War Two The origins of the Cold War can be traced back to the Russian Revolution of 1917, which created a Soviet Russia with a profoundly different ...
An Introduction to the Cold War in Europe - European History
Origins of the Cold War in Europe: The aftermath of World War Two left the United States and Russia as the dominant military powers in the world, but they had ...
Cold War History - History of the Cold War - European History
The war was 'cold' because there was never a direct military engagement between them, due partly to the presence of nuclear weapons on both sides.
Cold War Timeline From 1917 to 1949 - European History - About.com
The Cold War was 'fought' in the aftermath of World War Two, from the collapse of the wartime alliance between the Anglo-American led Allies and the USSR to ...
The Marshall Plan - European History - About.com
The US, afraid that communist groups would gain further power – the Cold War was emerging and Soviet domination of Europe seemed a real danger - and ...
Cold War Glossary - 20th Century History - About.com
A glossary of significant and key terms related to the Cold War, the hostilities between the Soviet Union and the United States following World War II.
Stalin and the Cold War - 20th Century History - About.com
After the end of World War II, tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States escalated to the point there was a Cold War. Stalin often taunted the West  ...
An Account of the Berlin Blockade - European History - About.com
The Berlin Blockade was an early stress point in the Cold War and a clear victory for organized air power thanks to the West's airlift.
What Was the Iron Curtain? - European History - About.com
History. Sciences. School & Student Resources. More. About.com · About Education ... Soviet dominated communist nations during the Cold War, 1945 - 1991.
The Relationship of the United States With Russia
Even though Russia has now nominally adopted democratic and capitalist structures, Cold War history still colors U.S.-Russian relations today. Ads. &ensp.
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