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Poets, Poems and Poetry History
A nexus for poets and poems — feature articles, biographies of classic poets, interviews with contemporary poets, collections of classic and contemporary ...
Poetic Form: Renga | Academy of American Poets
Renga, meaning “linked poem," began over seven hundred years ago in Japan to encourage the collaborative composition of poems. Poets worked in pairs or ...
What Is Poetry? Definition of Literary Terms - Contemporary Literature
Poetry is many things to many people. Homer, John Milton, Christopher Marlowe, and of course Shakespeare have each given us enough to fill textbooks.
Metaphysical Poets - Classic Literature - About.com
Metaphysical poetry is concerned with the experience of human beings, of love, romance, sensuality, relationships, learning and art. Some of the greatest ...
Poets Laureate - A Brief History
A brief history of the custom of appointing an official poet to serve country, state or community.
Poets A to Z - An Alphabetical Index of Poets from Every Era - Poetry
Here is a comprehensive alphabetical index where poets and poetry readers can find all the poets published, profiled or interviewed here at About.com Poetry, ...
Early Roman Poets - Ancient / Classical History - About.com
Time hasn't been kind to these early Roman poets. Mostly, we know only a small biographical bit about them, the titles of some of their poems or plays, and the ...
Poets by Time Period - Poetry History
Poets from every era, indexed by time period, articles on the lives of poets through history, and selected links to the best places for further reading and research ...
Poets - Poets A-Z / Poetry History - Poets by Era / Poetry Around the ...
Explore poetry through the lives of the people that write it: Here's where you will find articles, interviews, profiles and biographies of poets from A to Z, from ...
Cavalier Poets - British Literature - Classic Literature
The Cavalier poets were writers, who were loyal to Charles I (1625–49). These poets included: George Wither, Thomas Carew, Sir John Suckling, Richard ...
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