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Vikings Overview (Raids, Locations, Characteristics)
When and Where: The Vikings were a Scandinavian people highly active in Europe between the ninth and eleventh centuries as raiders, traders and settlers.
Horned Helmets - Viking Myths and Facts
Did Vikings Wear Horned Helmets? - The Truth Behind Vikings Horned Helmets.
Vikings - Ancient Norse Explorers - Archaeology - About.com
While it would debatable to call the Vikings a civilization they were certainly explorers and their sites are found all over northern Europe into Germany and ...
Who Were the Historic Vikings? - Archaeology - About.com
The Vikings were a farming culture, who originated in Scandinavia about the 4th century AD, and began to spread out and conquer the Europe in the 9th century ...
Viking Trading and Exchange Networks - Economics of the Norse
The Vikings had an extensive trade network throughout Europe, based on cod and exotic goods and maintained by a group of tradesmen.
Viking History - About.com Guide to the Ancient Norse - Archaeology
The Viking Age was a time of great change on the European continent. The Viking Age traditionally refers to the period in northern Europe between the first ...
Viking Raids - Early Medieval Practice of Viking Raids - Archaeology
Viking raids were a characteristic of the Scandinavian early medieval pirates called the Vikings, particularly during the first 50 years of the Viking Age (~793- 850)
Viking Timeline - Important Events in the History of Ancient Vikings
A Viking Timeline, showing the major events of the Viking Age as they colonized, or attempted to colonize, Europe and North America.
Viking Settlement - How the Norse Lived - Archaeology - About.com
Viking settlers lived not so much in villages, but rather on isolated, regularly spaced farmsteads surrounded by grain fields, and led by chieftainships with ...
Viking Social Structure - Living in a Norse World - Archaeology
Viking society was highly stratified, with three distinct classes, from slave to aristocracy; and clearly defined professions that described life.
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