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Belarus and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Belarus, a western area of the CIS which corresponds roughly to an older territory called the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, has a healthy presence on the Internet.

Belarusian Heritage

Aliaksiej Sierka's site on Belarusian heritage has articles on architecture, clothing, heraldry, major cities and famous Belarusians.

Belarusian Castles

Photographs of eighteen castles, in a range of styles; click on each for a larger picture. However, although each is named there is no further annotation, and none of the specialist links work.

Belarusian History

This page by Aliaksiej Sierka links to two essays on the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - each is interesting and easy to read. The first is an introduction to Belarusian history, while the second outlines the origins and development of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. His link to ‘Go to – History of Belarus’ allows access to a large range of maps (scan down the page).


This timeline of Belarusian history starts in the sixth century, before continuing through to the declaration of independence in 1991. The entries cover mainly political events (wars, government, border changes), but some cultural and social information is also included, and there are some small illustrations.
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