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The First World War by Gerard J De Groot

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The Bottom Line

Essential reading for anyone with an interest in the First World War, no matter how cursory or detailed a history they want.
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  • Excellent overview.
  • Acerbic commentary.
  • Wide-ranging.


  • Little information on specific battles.


  • 225 pages including bibliography and maps.
  • Published by Palgrave
  • ISBN: 0333745353

Guide Review - The First World War by Gerard J De Groot

The First World War is an excellent book that presents as all encompassing an analysis as can be found in a volume of this size. De Groot's style is consistently sharp - the mixture of dark wit, clear explanation and brusque tone must surely keep the most demanding of readers interested - while the analyses are incisive, thought-provoking and refreshingly free of jingoism. Most importantly, the book remains clear and accurate while presenting the First World War in all its complicated and messy glory. For the full review click below.
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