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The First World War Peace Settlements 1919 – 1925 by Erik Goldstein

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The Bottom Line

Excellent summary of the peace settlements which ended the First World War and their repercussions.
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  • Good summary.
  • Long time period.
  • Written specially for students.


  • Not for the specialist.


  • Published by Longman. Part of the Seminar Studies series.
  • 147 pages including maps, chronology and documents.
  • ISBN: 0582311454

Guide Review - The First World War Peace Settlements 1919 – 1925 by Erik Goldstein

The peace agreements which formally ended the 'Great War' are as of much interest to a scholar of the Second World War as the First thanks to continuing debate over the Treaty of Versailles, once popularly blamed for starting Hitler's war. Erik Goldstein's book avoids simply becoming another discussion of the Versailles treaty, although it does feature prominently, as his text has separate chapters for many areas of conflict and settlement including Russia, the Mediterranean and the Asia.

As the title reveals, this is more than simply a run through of the provisions of each settlement. Goldstein takes the time to provide valuable context and discusses the aftermath of each agreement, taking the story through to the Locarno pact of 1925 and giving the much maligned League of Nations its own chapter. All this is compacted into ninety five pages, with thirty more providing documentary support. The text is also clear and well written throughout. As one of the 'Seminar Studies' series this excellent book is written mainly for students, who should find it a worthy summary of the First World War Peace Settlements and a good preparation for further reading into the much discussed subject. Those already seeking further reading should look elsewhere for something more detailed.

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