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Before You Buy PC Games


European history has influenced many games which can be played on your pc, from best selling and addictive triumphs to clunky nightmares which'll make you throw the cd out of the window. In order to help you choose the best, i've divided my top picks by genre.


European civilization has produced many great works of art, fascinating people and marvellous tales, but it's war which has inspired the most computer games. And let's face it, an online tour is never going to match the numerous emotions of a good pc war game.

Empire Building

PCs are the ideal platform for 'empire building' games, where the challenge usually involves exploring, building, fighting and expanding through several centuries of game time (and many hours of real time) until you've conquered most of the world (or in this case, Europe).

First Person Shooter

While first person shooters - where the player usually runs around with a huge arsenal, defeating an army all by themselves - are very popular, there aren't many periods of European history which can be adopted. The main one, indeed the only one so far used, is World War 2.

Building Sims

Sim City was a global phenomina which basically created the whole genre of 'building sims', games where a player constructs a city, a hospital, an amusement park...just about everything was converted! Luckily for us, designers are still keen on the sim game, with some using european history as a base.


Not every game can be categorized, and not every genre has produced enough good quality games to merit their own list (especially the once great genre of the gentle trading game).
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