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Committee of Public Safety


Definition: The Committee of Public Safety was the executive body of France from 1793 – 94. As the French Revolution developed in 1793, France was faced with international war, civil war and a myriad of threats. It was felt a new system of government was needed which could react quickly and take more extreme measures, and so on January 25th 1793 the Committee of Public Safety was created to govern France. This was initially to be formed of twenty five people, but when it first met on April 7th it had been streamlined to include just nine. Over 1793 Robespierre, who had initially turned down the chance to work on the Committee, would join and dominate the government. The Committee is infamous for its emergency measures which included government by terror, and when the Terror was ended, and Robespierre swept away, powers were swiftly taken away from the Committee and given back to other bodies.
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