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Government and Law

The forms of government found in Europe have developed over the centuries, although the idea that a natural evolution to democracy took place is now discredited.
  1. Jack the Ripper

History of the European Union
A brief history of the European Union, from the end of the Second World War until today.

What was Absolutism?
Your Guide introduces the concept of Absolutism, and examines whether it existed in European history.

Countries in the European Union
Alphabetical and chronological listing of the countries in the European Union.

Development of the European Union – A Timeline
A timeline of key dates in the creation of the European Union.

What is a Monarchy?
A guide to the form of rule known as "monarchy".

Monarchies of Europe
A list of the remaining monarchies of Europe.

Key Leaders in European History
The key leaders in Europe's history that you need to know about.

Notable European Criminals
A summary of some of Europe's most infamous criminals.

Key European Dictators from the Twentieth Century
The middle of twentieth century history in Europe is dominated by the actions of dictators. This list gives you a summary of the key men.

Feudalism: Theory and Problems
A discussion of one of the most hotly debated ideas in medieval history: feudalism.

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