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The medieval period traditionally begins with the 'fall' of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE and continues for a millennium until the early modern period starts c. 1500 CE. The early period (fifth to tenth centuries) is frequently called the Dark Ages - to reflect an inaccurately perceived lack of development - and less commonly Late Antiquity.

The Black Death
Information on the Black Death, a series of great plagues that, most famously, killed approximately a third of all Europeans in the fourteenth century.

The Venerable Bede - A Profile
A Profile of The Venerable Bede, one of England's great scholars.

The Vikings
An Overview of the Vikings, remembered as fierce raiders and travellers.

Did Vikings Wear Horned Helmets?
This entry in our Historical Myths series tackles the question of the Viking horned helmet.

The Normans
An overview of The Normans, a people perhaps most famous for conquering England.

Gottschalk of Orbais
Gottschalk was a religious thinker in central Europe during the ninth century, whose views on two-fold predestination caused controversy. This site has a brief biography, sources and plenty of direction for those interested.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
This huge collection of sources for the medieval period is one of my favourite parts of the internet. Some of the translations are a little old, but they’re all free to use.

The Black Death
During the 1340s and 50s the Black Death ravaged Europe, killing possibly a third of the population. For years historians regarded it as a watershed event and, while it no longer holds the same importance, the epidemic stands out as Europe's worst natural disaster.

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