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Posters and Art of WW1

War has always affected culture, inspiring or shocking artists and writers to create works devoted to combat, whether to commemorate or criticise, solemnly recall or wildly praise. The development of the printing press and modern propaganda expanded the artists' role in war, and the Great War of 1914 - 18 spawned a massive array of art: some beautiful, some repellent, but almost all insightful.

Art of the First World War

If you want to see or learn about artwork from the Great War, simply start here. This simply brilliant exhibition features 110 paintings by various artists, grouped by theme, and made perfectly accessible on the web; commentary is provided for each. Marvellous.

British Recruiting Posters

This page may take a while to load, but with 25 British recruiting posters and plenty of detail it's worth it. Each poster can be expanded into a large image, maintaining the impact of the art and design.

Canadian War Poster Collection

This site has such a succinct description I'll just quote it: "The holdings of the Print Collection...include 150 Canadian posters from the two World Wars...this website contains basic descriptions and images of each poster, an artist index, and an essay about Canadian War Posters. Thumbnail images and descriptions are provided within each category."

Trenches On The Web's Selection

Trenches on the Web is undoubtedly the most famous internet site about World War One, and their selection of posters ranges across nine nations (seven listed with a poster apiece from Italy and Australia under 'special'). They also have an illustrated article on 'The Battlefield Art of Mary Riter Hamilton'.

US Posters - 25

Accompanied by a super introductory essay - too many sites simply host the artwork with no explanations - this page contains twenty-five colour posters from the US.
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