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Racism in Europe 1870 - 2000 by Neil MacMaster

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The Bottom Line

Whether you're interested in the past, the present, or the future, this is a vital piece of reading on an important, but vastly misunderstood, subject.
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  • Hugely informative
  • Will provoke discussion
  • Good examples


  • Political and slightly weaker towards the end
  • The people who need to read it probably won't


  • 248 pages, including a further reading list
  • Published by Palgrave
  • ISBN: 0333711203

Guide Review - Racism in Europe 1870 - 2000 by Neil MacMaster

Racism in Europe is an excellent book that deals clearly with a complex subject, combining subtlety and deft with a balanced handling of the issues. MacMaster has examined the introduction of modern racism across the whole of Europe - although there is a slight bias towards western states - with solid explanations, a recognition of regional variations, and an absence of simplistic generalisations. However, the book is certainly not for everyone, as the author's focus on ideas rather than details, and his vocabulary, will alienate some readers. For the full review, click below.
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