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Russia and Ukraine

Russia grew vastly in size and power across the period, becoming a dominant force across two continents, before a revolution transformed the empire in 1917.
  1. Stalin

The Russian Revolution of 1917
Your Guide presents an introduction to the events of 1917.

Causes of the Russian Revolution - What were the causes of the Russian...
Your Guide explains both the long and short term causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Mikhail Gorbachev
A profile of Mikhail Gorbachev, last leader of the USSR.

The Russian Civil War
Your Guide examines the Russian Civil War of 1918 - 22.

Who was the Last Tsar of Russia?
Your Guide explains the answer to this common question.

About: The Oprichnina of Ivan IV
Your Guide examines the Oprichnina of Ivan IV. This organisation (and period) is frequently portrayed as some sort of hell, a time of mass torture and death overseen by sinister black-robed monks who fanatically obeyed their insane Tsar. The reality is slightly different.

An explanation of Perestroika, a policy of the late 1980s.

An explanation of Glasnost, a key policy in the end of Russian communism.

New Economic Policy
An explanation of Soviet New Economic Policy

The Execution of the Romanovs
An account of the execution of Nicholas II and the Romanov royal family.

Timelines of the Russian Revolutions
These detailed and explanatory timelines take a long view of the Russian Revolutions, tracing events from 1861 until 1918. The 'near' revolution of 1905 is also covered in depth.

War Communism
An explanation of Soviet War Communism.

The Creation of St. Petersburg
An important centre for science, art and industry, this great city was the Russian capital for over two hundred years, gaining the nickname 'The Venice of the North'. However, at the start of the eighteenth century, St. Petersburg did not exist. Your Guide examines the city’s creation.

Profile: The Amber Room
Made with tons of carved amber and called 'the eighth wonder of the world', the Amber Room was a baroque masterpiece...now it's the centre of a modern mystery.

Books on Russian and Ukrainian History
This page indexes onsite bibliographic information about Russia and Ukrainian history.

Face to Face with the Czars
This series of mini-biographies covers every Czar between 1613 and 1917; oddly, the site seems to think that only the Romanov’s were Czars. While the content is useful - each biography includes genealogical detail, an account of their life and achievements, and a picture (hence ‘face-to-face’) – the organisation is poor. There is no alphabetical index, only a sub-division by century.

History of Russia
Divided into six sections, this solid history of Russia is chatty and easy to read, conveying both important information and enthusiasm. This link takes you to the introduction, which I feel is worth reading; navigate via the side-bar on the left.

Who were the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks?
They started as part of the same party, but their split affected Russian history.

Your Guide explains who the Populists were.

Social Revolutionaries (SRs)
Your Guide explains the origins, life and fall of the Social Revolutionaries.

The Kadets
Who were the Kadets?

The Duma
The Duma was a short lived, semi-representative body in Russia.

Union of the Russian People
The Union of the Russian People was a forerunner of the more famous fascist groups of the mid twentieth century.

The Red Terror
The Red Terror was a tool used by Lenin during the Russian Civil War.

Order Number 1
Order Number 1 nearly destroyed the Russian army in 1917.

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