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The French Revolution

Beginning in 1789, the Revolution affected every aspect of France and much of Europe.
  1. Marie Antoinette

French Revolution 101
Start here with this 101 on the French Revolution: the whole thing summarized on one page.

The Consequences of the French Revolution on France and Europe
Your Guide examines both the consequences of the French Revolution, and the arguments over them.

The Bastille
Despite being destroyed over two hundred years ago, the Bastille remains France’s most famous building. Your Guide takes a look at the fall of this fortress.

Marie Antoinette and "Let them eat cake"
The truth behind the famous phrase.

History of the French Revolution
Interested in the French Revolution? Read our 101 but want more? Then try this, a narrative history of the French Revolution designed to give you a firm grounding in the subject: it's all the 'what's' and 'when's'. It's also a perfect platform for readers who want to go on and study the much debated 'whys'.

Timeline of the French Revolution
A detailed timeline of the French Revolution, taking you through from pre-1787 to 1802.

When did the French Revolution End?
Your Guide examines the many possible ends of the revolution.

About: The Guillotine
Your Guide examines the history of the guillotine in an article which ranges from early, but unrelated, beheading devices, to the machine's last use in France.

Pictures from the French Revolution
A gallery of pictures from the French Revolution, with explanatory commentary.

Books on the French Revolution
This page indexes onsite bibliographic information about the French Revolution and the Revolutionary Wars.

Concerning the Legends of Guillotined Heads.
Your Guide discusses the legends of guillotined heads remaining briefly alive and looks for a scientific answer.

Introduction to the French Republican Calendar
A good introduction to this calendar, adopted in France during 1793. There are tables to enable the conversion of dates and links to the legislative documents, although there are no translations.

Primary Documents
Hosted by the Modern History Sourcebook, this is an excellent collection of online texts which relate specifically to the French Revolution, including decrees, speeches, and letters.

The Origins of the French Revolution in the Ancien Régime
A discussion of the French Revolution and its origins in the Ancien Régime.

The Marseillaise
The Marseillaise, national anthem of France, was created during the French Revolution.

Paul Barras
Paul Barras was one of the leading men of the later revolutionary period.

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