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Renaissance and Reformation

In the fourteen century a revolution began in European life and thought, a series of sweeping changes we call the Renaissance. Historians can’t agree on when it began or even what it was, but the period is often seen as the birth of the modern age.

Introduction to the Renaissance
Your Guide examines the birth of the modern world.

Causes of the Renaissance
A look at the multiple, interlinked causes of the Renaissance.

Renaissance Timeline
A timeline of key dates to accompany your reading on the Renaissance.

Overview of the Reformation
A one page introduction to the Protestant Reformation.

Origin of the word Protestant
It's such a common word now, but do you know how it originated?

Gutenberg, Moveable Type and the Printing Press
Gutenberg invented one of the key tools of the modern age: moveable type and the printing press for it.

The Northern Renaissance
The Northern Renaissance is often said to rival the Italian one for its influence across history.

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