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Viking Weapons and Warfare

The Viking warrior might be a historical cliché, but they certainly existed and remain popular among wargamers, re-enactors and those who prefer their history to be action packed.

Combat equipment and fighting techniques

Information on the arms, equipment and tactics of the Vikings, including an illustration of the 'Boar's Snout' formation.

Viking Age Arms and Armor

Information on all the main Viking weapons, armour and techniques alongside a plethora of illustrations.

Viking Fighting Notes from 23 Sagas

The Association for Renaissance Fighting Arts have compiled details of Viking combat techniques from 23 sagas. Don't try this at home or anywhere else unless you’re an expert!

Viking Military Organisation

A brief essay on the tactics and structure of Viking forces, of use to re-enactors and wargamers.

Viking Weapons and Warfare

Barry Ager takes you on a six page journey through the weapons and tactics of the Vikings, including a screen's worth if information on their ships.
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