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Women in World War 1

Women played a vital role in the First World War, performing their 'traditional' tasks such as nursing, while making deep inroads into other industries like munitions production and transport. And, of course, some women fought.

Women in World War 1
This article examines the multi-faceted effects of World War 1 on women.

Women and Work in World War 1
An examination of World War 1's effects on women's employment.

Top 10 Books on Women in the First World War
There are probably books on any First World War subject you can think of, but there's a surprisingly small body of material devoted to women within the conflict. However, the number of relevant titles is swiftly growing, an inevitable consequence of the prominent and vital roles women performed. This is my selection of the ten best.

Edith Cavell
Edith Cavell, a British nurse, was executed by German forces for allegedly being a spy. This site claims to be "one of the most extensive sites on the web" about Cavell, and it certainly is, containing narratives, photographs, eyewitness accounts and links.

Encyclopedia of Women and War
56 short biographies of women and 16 other pieces on topics including 'Women and War Work' and the 'Women's Army Auxiliary Corps'. The biographies are aimed at students and are normally illustrated, but don’t pay to much attention to their division by, slightly inaccurate, sub-headings.

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