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These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Who Were the Borgias?
The Borgias - A History of the Borgias
The Truth Behind the 300 Who Held Thermopylae
Historical Myths - The 300 of Thermopylae - Find out the true figure
Learn More About Napoleon Bonaparte, the Great...
This biography of Napoleon Bonaparte condenses his life down to the essentials in three short pages, and links to extra material on his wars and government.
The 10 Best World War II Documentaries
A selection of documentaries about Europe and World War 2.
Top 12 Books: The First World War
The literature about World War One is vast, but I feel these are the best books for a range of readers.
Was World War I Actually a 'World' War?
A complete list of the many countries involved in World War 1 including a map and different ways of presenting the information.
Adolf Hitler: A Brief Biography
This quick introduction to German dictator Adolf Hitler traces his life through his rise to power to starting World War 2, through his ultimate defeat to his death.
Debunking the Myths: How Catherine the Great...
This entry in our historical myths series examines two legends about the death of Catherine the Great: one involving horses and one toilets.
Debunking the Myths: How Short Was Napoleon?
Was Napoleon Bonaparte Short? - The Height and Possible Myth of the Short Napoleon Bonaparte
What Does BCE Stand for and How Is It Different...
BCE - Before Common Era - is a term used in modern dating systems. Find out what it means, and why it is used.
The Sharpe Books: Bernard Cornwell's Historical...
Sharpe - The Sharpe Books in Chronological Order
Debunking the Myths: How Stalin Really Died
Did Stalin really die unaffected by the years of terror and death?
What Were the Major Alliances of World War I?
The Major Alliances of World War One: who and how Europe divided in 1914.
Rulers of France - French kings emperors and...
Rulers of France - French kings emperors and presidents
What Were the Major Causes of the Renaissance?
This discussion of the causes of the Renaissance looks at seven key factors which helped thes era defining movement begin and develop.
Debunking the Myths: Does the Severed Head of a...
How long does a guillotined head remains alive?
What Countries Fought in the First World War?
This is an alphabetical listing of every country who declared war, had war declared for them, or found themselves invaded or involved in World War 1.
A Beginner's Guide to the French Revolution
This brief account of the French Revolution explains all the key events, links to a larger narrative history, and explains the consequences.
Horatio Hornblower - In Which Order Should You...
Horatio Hornblower - In Which Order Should You Read the Horatio Hornblower Novels?
A Beginner's Guide to World War I
World War 1 101 - An Introduction to World War 1
A Beginner's Guide to the Renaissance
This page explains the key elements of the most famous renaissance, c. 1400 - 1600, and links to greater detail.
Find Out Just How Many People Lost Their Lives...
World War 1 saw casualty figures in the millions, and this chart lists the totals mobilized, killed, wounded and a percentage calculation.
What Events Led to the Russian Revolution?
These were the Causes of the Russian Revolution
A Beginner's Guide to the Enlightenment
An explanation of the Enlightenment
The Other Reichs
The Other Riechs - An explanation of the three 'German' Reichs and how they relate.
AD - Anno Domini - is part of a dating system used in much of the world. This article explains what the Latin stands for, and a problem with it.
Rulers of England - Kings and Queens
Rulers of England - Kings and Queens: rulers of england kings of wessex saxon kingdoms tenth centuries archbishop of canterbury
World War I's Treaty of Versailles Explained
The Treaty of Versailles ended World War One and has been accused of starting World War Two. This article outlines the motivations behind the treaty, the key points, and the results.
The 12 Best War Games for Your PC
There are a lot of games for the PC which have drawn on Europe's rich history, and many of them use the waging of war as the source of interaction. This is a list of the best.
Top 10 Books: French Revolution
Best Books on the French Revolution
Top 10 WW2 DVD and Video: Eastern Front
This selection of recommended films deal with the eastern front in World War 2.
Historical Myths: Common Codes Supposedly...
Raised horse legs and crossed legs: do the legs on statues reveal if someone died in battle or went on crusade? Find out the truth behind this urban legend.
Consequences of World War One
A look at the major consequences of World War One.
Top 10 Historical Myths Debunked
Top historical myths debunked
Debunking the Myths: Did Vikings Actually Wear...
Did Vikings Wear Horned Helmets? - The Truth Behind Vikings Horned Helmets
Vlad the Impaler / Vlad III Dracula / Vlad Tepes
Vlad the Impaler - Information on Vlad the Impaler - Dracula - Tepes
A Beginner's Guide to the Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution - An Overview of The Industrial Revolution
Venice Italy - A History of Venice Italy
The Commonwealth of Nations (The Commonwealth)
The Commonwealth is an association of 53 independent nations, all but one former British colonies, with substantial economic ties and a shared history.
Marie Antoinette and "Let them eat cake"
Marie Antoinette and Let them eat cake - The truth behind the phrase
Countries in the European Union
Countries in the European Union - List of Countries in the European Union
When Did World War II End?
When did World War 2 End - End of World War 2
Important Dates and Events in Renaissance History
This timeline of the Renaissance contains key dates in cultural history alongside political developments and links to discussions.
The Elgin Marbles / Parthenon Sculptures
Elgin Marbles - History of the The Elgin Marbles
Why did Weimar democracy fall and Hitler's...
A contents page for our narrative of Germany from 1919 to 1934.
What Role Did Women Play in World War I?
World War One affected women's employment opportunities greatly, but only in the short term. In page one we examine what these wartime changes were,.
The Wars of the Former Yugoslavia
A narrative history of the wars of the Former Yugoslavia, fought in the 1990s.
A Comprehensive Timeline of World War I
This part of our World War 1 timeline covers the year the war began: 1914.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the...
On this page in our history and discussion of the guillotine we look at machines for decapitation which pre-date the French Revolution.
The Devastating Impact of the French Revolution...
Changes caused by the French Revolution on France
History of the European Union
History of the European Union- The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union between European countries.
Introduction to the Cold War in Europe
This profile of the Cold War explains how it began after World War 2, why it was 'Cold', what happened in Europe and how it ended peacefully.
Did Medieval People Believe in a Flat Earth?
Flat Earth - Did Medieval People Believe in a Flat Earth?
Did the Treaty of Versailles Contribute to...
A look at a major controversy of twentieth century history: did the Treaty of Versailles contribute to Hitler's rise to power?
The Build Up to War: The Events That Led to...
This part of our World War 1 timeline looks at events relevant to the war pre-1914.
The First Computer: Charles Babbage’s...
Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine has a great claim on being the first computer. This explains who he was, and what it was.
18 Key Thinkers of the Enlightenment
A listing of eighteen key thinkers of the Enlightenment from across Europe with biographical sketches for each.
Top 8 Best PC Games - Empire Building
This list of the best PC Empire Building games with a European flavor.
A Beginner's Guide to the Protestant Reformation
This summary presents an outline of the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, the religious schism which split western Christianity permanently.
Overview: The First World War
This article gives an overview of the effects the First World War on the world.
Ring a Ring a Roses
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The Myth: The
What was Absolutism?
An Introduction to Absolutism in European History.
NATO - Information on NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Aftermath of the Hundred Years War
Aftermath of the Hundred Years War - Aftermath of the Hundred Years War
The Effects of the American Revolutionary War...
Britain and the American Revolutionary War
Francisco Franco
The life, career, personality and death of the Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco. A look at the Spanish Civil War
A Beginner's Guide to the Black Death
What was the Black Death? Did it really kill a third of Europe's population?
The Belle Époque ("Beautiful Age")
The Belle Epoque in France. European History.
Mental Cases by Wilfred Owen
Mental Cases by Wilfred Owen Who are these? Why sit they here in twilight? Wherefore rock they, purgatorial
The Location of Mozart's Grave
Mozart is often said to have been buried in a pauper's grave but, while we don't know where his remains are, we know what happened and the truth is different.
The 6 Phases of the French Revolution
French Revolution Timeline - A timeline of the French Revolution
The Countries Involved in World War 1
Countries Involved in World War 1 - Countries of World War 1 Listed by Continent
Rulers of Spain - Spanish kings emperors and...
Rulers of Spain - Spanish kings emperors and presidents
1. Pre-Revolutionary France
History of the French Revolution 1. Pre-Revolutionary France
A starting point for French history.
The Causes and War Aims of World War One
A guide to the causes of World War One, what each of the major belligerents wanted from it.
Top 10 Books: Modern Russia - The Revolution...
The best books on revolutionary and modern Russia
The Hundred Years War
A History of the Hundred Years War between England and France.
CE - A definition of Common Era. European History.
When Did the French Revolution End?
Exploring the end dates of the French Revolution
France in the American Revolutionary War
The American War of Independence and the critical role of France
Philip Rohr's classic 1679 book De Masticatione...
Philip Rohr's classic 1679 book De Masticatione Mortuorum?
Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher - Biography of Margaret Thatcher
Top 5 Books: General Histories
The Best Books On General European History
Top 10 Books: The Balkans
The Best Books on Balkan History
7. The Terror 1793 - 94
This section of our History of the French Revolution discusses the most infamous era: when the leaders of France decided to rule through Terror, killing people en masse.
Before You Buy PC Games
Recommended PC games split into different genres - war, empire building, first person shooter, building sims, and other.
Who Supported Hitler and Why?
An examination of why many of the German people supported Hitler.
Origins of the Cold War in Europe
This examination of the origins of the Cold War in Europe starts in 1917 and proceeds through the pressures of World War 2 and the aftermath, explaining how much of the world could be facing mutually assured destruction.
Top 10 Books: About the Napoleonic Wars
The wars which bear Napoleon Bonaparte’s name have captivated the world. Here is a selection of the best literature on this historical period.
Why Britain attempted to Tax American Colonists
Why Britain attempted to Tax American Colonists
Who Really Won World War 2 in Europe?
Who Really Won World War 2 in Europe?
The Consequences of the Norman Conquest
The Consequences of the Norman Conquest - how England was changed by the events of 1066 and after.
Who were the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks?
The Mensheviks and Bolsheviks in Russian History
History of the French Revolution - Contents
A History of the French Revolution: Contents Page
Origin of the word ‘Protestant’
Origin of the word Protestant. European History.
World War 1: A Short Timeline
A short timeline of World War 1 covering all the key dates.
The Seven Years War 1756 - 63
The Seven Years War - The Seven Years War in Europe
What Caused the French Revolution?
In this part of our history of the French Revolution we look at the events of the 1780s which destabilized France and led to the revolution starting.
Brezhnev Doctrine
Brezhnev Doctrine - An Explanation of the Brezhnev Doctrine
Rulers of Sweden- Swedish kings and queens
Rulers of Sweden- Swedish kings and queens: kingdom of sweden swedish kings royal titles dominant group kings and queens
Women in World War 1
Changing voting opportunity was just one way women were affected by World War One; this article looks at their multi-faceted experiences during the conflict.
Information on European monarchy.
Was Adolf Hitler a Socialist? Debunking a...
Hitler is often accused of being a socialist. This article explains why he wasn't.
Rupert Brooke
Rupert Brooke - a biography of Rupert Brooke
History of Italy - Italy Information on History
Books: Spain - The Civil War
The best books on the Spanish Civil War
3. The Estates General and the Revolution of 1789
In page 3 of our History of the French Revolution we explain how the Estates General met in 1789, and how the revolution truly began with calls for a National Assembly.
The Marshall Plan
Marshall Plan - Introduction to the Marshall Plan
Notable Writers from European History
Notable Writers from European History
The Norman Conquest of 1066
An examination of the Norman Conquest of 1066 which changed English history.
A History of the Eiffel Tower
A history of one of France's most famous structures, and a world breakthrough in construction.
The Old Vicarage, Grantchester by Rupert Brooke
The Old Vicarage, Grantchester by Rupert Brooke Just now the lilac is in bloom, All before my little
31 European Women c.1500 - 1945
madame de sevigne josephine de beauharnais madame de maintenon artemisia gentileschi ada lovelace: 31 Women from European History 1500 to 1945 women womans ladies lady females womens history month
Disabled by Wilfred Owen
Disabled by Wilfred Owen He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark, And shivered in his ghastly suit
Did Mussolini get the Trains Running on Time?
Did Mussolini get the Trains Running on Time - Debunking Mussolini and the Trains
The Tudors
The Tudors - The Tudor Dynasty and Tudor England
Key Figures of World War One
World War 1 lasted just over four years, and included many belligerent nations. Consequently, there are a lot of famous names involved in this listing
Key Leaders in European History
Key Leaders in European History
Rulers of Italy - Italian kings and presidents
Rulers of Italy - Italian kings and presidents: victor emmanuel ii victor emmanuel iii rulers of italy slim majority statesmen
Exposure by Wilfred Owen
Exposure by Wilfred Owen    I Our brains ache, in the merciless iced east winds that knife us... Wearied
The Russian Revolution of 1917
Russian Revolution of 1917 - Introduction to the Russian Revolution of 1917
The Berlin Wall
This profile of the Berlin Wall explains why the Cold War caused it's creation, how it divided the city of Berlin, and how it finally came to be pulled down.
Key Battles of World War One
This list collects together the dates of all the key battles of World War One, and links where relevant to narratives.
Rome Italy - History of Rome Italy
World War One: The Trenches
The trenches remain one of the best known features of World War 1; this article examines them.
Overview: World War Two in Europe
World War Two in Europe - Overview of World War Two
Containment - Definition of Containment
Community Charge / Poll Tax
Explanation about the Community Charge - Poll Tax
Renaissance Humanism
An explanation of Renaissance Humanism and why it was important.
Learn about Benito Mussolini, the Infamous...
Benito Mussolini - Biography of Benito Mussolini
The Sussex Pledge (1916)
Germany and the United States of America were on a collision course during World War One which the Sussex Pledge temporarily halted. This article explains what happened, and who broke the Pledge to bring the US into the conflict.
The Zimmermann Telegram
This profile explains what the Zimmermann Telegram was, why it was sent and why the threat to the US was considered necessary, how it was revealed to the US public, and how their anger led to entry into World War 1. There is also the full translated text of the Telegram.
The November Criminals
An explanation of why this group of Germans became known as the November Criminals.
The Soldier by Rupert Brooke
rupert brooke the soldier, brooke the soldier, rupert brooke, english heaven, richer dust, rich earth, eternal mind, sights and sounds, gentleness, suns, 1914, laughter, nbsp, rivers, hearts, dreams, flowers, peace, heart, england
History of Spain - Information on the History of Spain
The Sinking of the Titanic
A history of the Titanic and an account of the ship's sinking.
Adolf Eichmann
Adolf Eichmann - Biography of Adolf Eichmann
World War 1: A Short Timeline 1915
This part of the World War 1 Timeline covers 1915.
Iron Curtain
Iron Curtain - Definition of Iron Curtain
The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand,...
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 was the excuse used to start World War One. This article narrates what happened.
Berlin Blockade / Berlin Airlift
The Berlin Blockade was an early stress point in the Cold War and a clear victory for organized air power thanks to the West's airlift.
Henry VIII of England
King of England from 1509 – 1547, he is best known for having six wives and breaking the English church away from Roman Catholicism.
Who Were The Doughboys of World War 1?
Who were the Doughboys? What did they do and how did they get their name?
BC - Before Christ - is a method of dating, with a religious foundation, that is still in use today. This article explains how and why.
A History of the Ustasha, terrorists turned war criminals turned ghosts.
World War One: The Western Front
This history of the Western Front covers the battle between Britain, France and their allies against Germany and their allies during World War One.
Long Telegram
The Long Telegram of George Kennan was a message sent from the US Embassy in Moscow to Washington concerning the Soviets. Learn more about the telegram.
Rulers of the Ottoman Empire - Ottoman beys...
Rulers of the Ottoman Empire - Ottoman beys sultans and caliphs
Key Events in French History
France has a long and rich history, but we've broken it down into twenty six key events which span from c.800 BCE to the twentieth century.
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