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Causes and Preconditions for the Industrial Revolution

What was Britain like before the Industrial Revolution, and what in this helped cause it?

European History Spotlight10

New This Month: April Part 1

Friday April 11, 2014

This month we expand our industrial revolution content with a look at causes and preconditions, and the often overlooked issue of banking and finance. We also have snapshots of two key figures: Richard Arkwright and Abraham Darby I.

Why Did Russia give Crimea to Ukraine?

Friday April 11, 2014

Some of the press surrounding the recent acquisition of Crimea by Russia included the statement that they were changing borders established in the aftermath of World War 2. However, Crimea was transferred to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic by the Russian Soviet Federation in 1954. The reason why is indistinct, and Mark Kramer, Director of the Cold War Studies Program at Harvard University, has posted his deduction via the Wilson Center website. If you want the shorthand, Khrushchev used sending Crimea to Ukraine to gather support in his battle for power after Stalin's death.

A Historians Shoots back at Alternate History

Friday April 4, 2014

Richard J Evans, a historian I greatly admire, has written a book on 'counterfactual' history, a subject I find good fun (examples of counterfactual include what would have happened if Britain had stayed out of WW1). It looks an interesting read, but this review from the Times Higher Education Supplement concludes fans of alternate history will be disappointed as Evans finishes, well, not exactly a fan. Indeed, in a small interview with Evans at the end of the review he gives a definite statement on another subject: "so I gave up historical fiction; it's not really for grown-ups." Controversial, and not something I personally agree with even though I rarely read any.

Is it Richard III? Experts Preach Caution

Friday April 4, 2014

Two experts, Michael Hicks of the University of Winchester, and Professor Martin Biddle, Director of the Winchester Research Unit, have spoken to BBC History Magazine about their great concerns regarding the identification of a skeleton found under a car park as Richard III. Both are worried by delays in releasing details on the evidence, and in what the holders of the skeleton claim. They want a coroner's style inquest into the issue, which seems fair enough.

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