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British Poor Law Reform

An examination of how Poor Law developed in Britain during the Industrial Revolution.

European History Spotlight10

Thomas Newcomen 1663 – 1723

Who was Thomas Newcomen and what did he invent?

John McAdam 1756 - 1836

Who was John McAdam and what did he do?

Henry Cort 1740 – 1800

Who was Henry Cort and what did he invent?

Public Health in the Industrial Revolution

How did Public Health develop during the Industrial Revolution?

Population Growth and Movement in the Industrial Revolution

How did the Industrial Revolution Change Britain's Population?

British Poor Law Reform in the Industrial Revolution

Workhouses and Reform: The UK Poor Laws of the Industrial Revolution.

Key Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

A List of the Inventions which made the Industrial Revolution.

The Franks

Who were the Franks, and why were they important?

What was the Tripartite Pact?

Which WW2 nations formed the Tripartite Pact?

The Pact of Steel

What was the Pact of Steel?

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