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New Bayeux Tapestry Theory

By November 30, 2012

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Last week I bought you a fun story about people completing the Bayeux Tapestry, so this week how about some history? Alexandra Makin, a PhD student, has studied the tapestry and forwarded a new theory: rather than the tapestry being created by separate groups of sewers and then assembled, the tapestry was complete by the same group, in the same place.

This conclusion is based on Makin's discovery that the needlework, which can reveal the traits and habits of each sewer, is "consistent throughout", meaning one team and one place. The BBC has some quotes explaining a key clarification: "Some people argue that the style of some figures are so different they must have been embroidered by different people.... But my view is it's not the embroidery which is different - but the way the characters were drawn." The BBC is suggesting the theory is being well received, with a warm comment from a curator of the tapestry.


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