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This Day In European History

24th February

1525: The Battle of Pavia; King Francis I of France is captured by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, beginning a Habsburg domination of Italy which lasts until the region is united in the nineteenth century.
1530: Pope Clement VII crowns Charles V as Holy Roman Emperor, the last such coronation performed by a pope.
1538: The Peace of Nagyvarad ends the war between Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and Voivode Janos Zapolya of Transylvania over Hungary.
1582: The Gregorian Calendar is introduced by Pope Gregory XIII.

1500: Charles, who ruled as Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, King Charles I of Spain and Archduke Charles I of Austria.
1536: Pope Clement VIII.
1547: Don John of Austria, military leader.
1597: Vincent Voiture, French poet.
1619: Charles Le Brun, French painter.
1786 William Grimm, German writer, one of The Brothers Grimm.
1852: George Moore, Irish writer.

616: King Ethelbert of Kent, the first Christian English monarch.
1704: Marc-Antoine Charpentier, French composer.
1799: Georg Lichtenberg, German physicist.
1810: Henry Cavendish, Englisj scientist.
1856: Nikolay Ivanovich Lobachevsky, Russian mathematician and co-founder of non Euclidean geometry.


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