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Culture, Health and Lifestyle

Information on the many cultures of Europe; this category also deals with lifestyles, customs, disease, health and medicine.

The Black Death
During the 1340s and 50s the Black Death ravaged Europe, killing possibly a third of the population. For years historians regarded it as a watershed event and, while it no longer holds the same importance, the epidemic stands out as Europe's worst natural disaster.

Introduction to the Renaissance
Your Guide examines the birth of the modern world.

Notable Writers from European History
Summaries of some of Europe's most notable poets, playwrights and authors.

Satan Triumphant: The Black Death
There are plenty of well-written, informative introductions to the Black Death available on the web, of which this is one, but History Guide have chosen a title which helps it stand out: Satan Triumphant! As you'd expect, the plague's religious interpretations are discussed.

History of the UEFA European Championship
Ten facts about the UEFA European Championship

Books on Lifestyle and Custom
This page indexes bibliographic information on the many aspects of historical customs, societies and lifestyles, as well as specialist works on women in European history.

The Ancient Olympics
The ancient Olympics lasted for a thousand years, and took place in Greece.

The Origins of Football (Soccer)
The origins of the most popular sport in the world: football / soccer.

The Eyam Quarantine
In 1665 the village of Eyam set up a quarantine to stop the plague.

Causes of the Renaissance
A look at the multiple, interlinked causes of the Renaissance.

Renaissance Timeline
A timeline of key dates to accompany your reading on the Renaissance.

Gutenberg, Moveable Type and the Printing Press
Gutenberg invented one of the key tools of the modern age: moveable type and the printing press for it.

The Northern Renaissance
The Northern Renaissance is often said to rival the Italian one for its influence across history.

Symptoms of the Black Death
Here you'll find out what happens if you catch the Black Death (and how you might have caught it.)

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