1. Education

History by Era

Material on European history ordered by era, a categorization useful for dealing with the ancient and pre-modern world (e.g. the Roman Empires), as well as continent spanning events (e.g. Cold War, Renaissance).
  1. Ancient Europe (5)
  2. Medieval (8)
  3. Renaissance and Reformation (7)
  4. The Enlightenment (2)
  5. The Long Nineteenth Century (4)
  6. Twentieth Century (13)

The Gregorian Calendar
An account of the introduction and adoption of the Gregorian Calendar.

World History: The Big Story
Frank Smitha's website covers the whole of world history from ancient times to today, including a lot of material on Europe. The site is divided up into five eras: ancient, 6th to 15th centuries, 16 to 19th centuries, 1901 to World War 2, 1946 to today.

Key Events in Prehistoric Europe
Your Guide takes you on a swift journey through the key events in humanity's prehistory.

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