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History by Peoples

Resources on the peoples – some might say 'races' - of Europe, including those lost to the past (e.g. Celts) and those frequently in the news.

The Basques
A profile of the Basques, one of Europe's oldest surviving peoples.

The Normans
An overview of The Normans, a people perhaps most famous for conquering England.

The Picts
A profile of the Picts, an ancient people from Scotland.

The Vikings
An Overview of the Vikings, remembered as fierce raiders and travellers.

The Visigoths
A profile of the Visigoths, active in the late Roman / early medieval period.

Did Vikings Wear Horned Helmets?
This entry in our Historical Myths series tackles the question of the Viking horned helmet.

The Early to Medieval Peoples of Europe
Richard Hooker's 'European Middle Ages' course covers a number of the continent’s peoples, but begins with this page, a history of ethnic development from 6000 BC until 500 BC. From there you can navigate to pages on the Celts, Germans, Norse and more.

The Franks
Who were the Franks, and why were they important?

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