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Industry and Agriculture

Information on the industry and agriculture of Europe, including the Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions.

The Industrial Revolution
An overview of the first Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution – An Essay
This is an introductory essay by Professor Gerhard Rempel of the Western New England College, which covers most aspects of the Industrial Revolution, including both technological and social change.

Agricultural Revolution
An excellent introduction to the agricultural revolution from the BBC.

Thomas Savery c.1650 – 1715
Thomas Savery was a pioneer in steam engines, but was he a very successful one?

Francis Egerton, Third Duke of Bridgewater 1763 - 1803
Francis Egerton, the Third Duke of Bridgewater, was a pioneer of British canal building.

Causes and Preconditions for the Industrial Revolution
What caused the Industrial Revolution, what was Britain like before it, and is there a set of pre-conditions?

The Development of Banking in the Industrial Revolution
How did the development of banking and finance help the industrial revolution?

Iron in the Industrial Revolution
How this key resource contributed to the industrial revolution.

Coal Mining: Living and Working Conditions in the Industrial Revolution
Coal was vital to the Industrial Revolution, but miners faced many problems.

Coal in the Industrial Revolution
How coal became the fuel of the Industrial Revolution.

Steam in the Industrial Revolution
Was steam a key part of the Industrial Revolution, or was it only later that it changed the world?

Richard Arkwright 1732 - 1792
A controversial figure, Richard Arkwright's factories played a large role in the Industrial Revolution.

Abraham Darby I 1678 - 1717
Abraham Darby I was one of the true pioneers of the Industrial Revolution. This is why.

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