1. Education

Religion and Thought

Material on the religions, philosophies and ideologies of European history, including the Reformation.
  1. Reformation (3)

The Enlightenment
An introduction to the seventeenth and eighteenth century movement: the Enlightenment.

Notable Religious Figures of Western-Christian Europe
An annotated guide to key figures in the history of the Western-Christian church.

Pope John Paul II
A biography of Pope John Paul II.

The Septuagint
A profile of the Septuagint, the Greek Old Testemant, a source of much debate in Europe's history.

Vetus Latina - The Old Latin Bible
A profile of the Vetus Latina, the 'old Latin' Bible.

The Vulgate
A profile of the Vulgate, the bible translated by St. Jerome and used for a long period in Europe's history.

The Gregorian Calendar
An account of the introduction and adoption of the Gregorian Calendar.

Unholy War: An Interview with David Kertzer
An interview with Professor David I. Kertzer about his book Unholy War - published in the US as The Popes Against the Jews - an excellent, but controversial, examination of the Vatican's role in modern anti-Semitism in Europe.

How is the Pope Elected?
A guide to how Popes are elected.

The Donation of Constantine
The Donation of Constantine was one of the great forgeries in European history.

Renaissance Humanism
Renaissance Humanism was one of the watershed moments in intellectual development.

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