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Pictures from the French Revolution


Pictures were important during the French Revolution, from the grandly painted masterpieces which helped define revolutionary rule, to the basic drawings appearing in cheap pamphlets. This collection of pictures from the Revolution has been ordered and annotated to take you through the events.
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Hulton Archive / Getty ImagesLouis XVI and Old Regime FranceHulton Archive / Getty ImagesThe Tennis Court OathHulton Archive / Getty ImagesThe Storming of the BastilleHulton Archive / Getty ImagesThe National Assembly Reshapes France
Hulton Archive / Getty ImagesThe Sans-culottesHulton Archive / Getty ImagesMarch of the Women to VersaillesHulton Archive / Getty ImagesThe Royal Family is caught at VarennesHulton Archive / Getty ImagesA Mob Confronts the King
Hulton Archive / Getty ImagesThe September MassacresHulton Archive / Getty ImagesThe GuilllotineHulton Archive / Getty ImagesLouis XVI's FarewellHulton Archive / Getty ImagesMarie Antoinette
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