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UK and Ireland

A steady process of immigration and union saw Wales joined to England by 1301, Scotland in 1603 and by legislative union in 1707, and Ireland in 1801. Since then fragmentation has begun, with the Irish Free State breaking away in 1922, and increasingly successful campaigns for Welsh and Scottish independence.
  1. Bede
  2. Buildings and Monuments (4)
  3. Henry V
  4. Henry VIII
  5. Jack the Ripper
  6. Samuel Pepys
  7. The Gunpowder Plot (5)
  8. The Norman Conquest: 1066 (14)

Magna Carta: The Great Charter
First issued in 1215, Magna Carta has become one of the most famous documents in the world. But it didn't start out like that...

History of England - Information on the History of England

The Tudors
A profile of England's famous Tudor dynasty.

Europe and the Falkland Islands / Malvinas
A summary of European settlement in the Falkland Islands.

Who is the Longest Reigning British Monarch?
Why not take a guess and then see if you're right?

Community Charge / Poll Tax
The Poll Tax caused riots and contributed to the downfall of a Prime Minister, all recently.

The Commonwealth
As the British Empire declined, a new organisation emerged: The Commonwealth.

The Domesday Book
A profile of The Domesday Book, one of England's oldest and most iconic documents.

Books on UK History
This page indexes onsite bibliographic information about English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish history.

The Great Fire of London – 1666
It is no exaggeration to describe the fire which started in London on September 2nd 1666 as 'Great'. The city had suffered large blazes before and after, but none came close to the four days and nights of constant fire which raged through over four hundred acres of densely packed housing, stores and workplaces. This is what happened...

Beefeaters and Yeomen Warders
The history behind the Yeomen Warders of the Tower of London, better known as Beefeaters.

Member Nations of the Commonwealth
A listing of the Member Nations of the Commonwealth.

Saint Benedict Biscop - A Profile
A Profile of Saint Benedict Biscop, an important figure in the early history of the Christian church in north England, thanks to his importation of Roman ideas.

Rulers of England
A chronological list of England's rulers, including the little mentioned Louis.

King John
King John remains one of England's most unpopular monarchs. Your Guide explains why.

King Richard I of England
King Richard I of England was praised for centuries, but then historians took a far dimmer view...

The History of 'Keep Calm and Carry On'
‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is now everywhere, but how did it begin?

The Mary Rose
The Mary Rose gained a second life when it was raised from the seabed in the 80s.

The Origins of Boxing Day
The origins of Boxing Day are slightly hazy.

The Creation of Britain’s Welfare State
The 1940s saw Britain introduce a comprehensive social welfare system.

Hadrian’s Wall
Hadrian’s Wall is a Roman structure which crosses Britain from the east to west coasts.

The Arrival of the Windrush: Britain 1948
The Arrival of the Windrush was a landmark in the makeup of the British population.

Why Churchill Lost the 1945 Election
An explanation for one of modern Britain's biggest questions.

The Union of England and Scotland in 1707
England and Scotland, two countries with an enmeshed but often bloody history, united in 1707. This is how and why.

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