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World War 1

World War 1 was fought across Europe, The Middle East and parts of the Africa from 1914 - 1918, involving troops from five continents.
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  2. Battles of World War One (13)
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  5. Women in World War 1 (5)

Introduction to World War 1
The war described in brief by your Guide.

World War 1 - Overview
A more discursive introduction to World War 1 than our introduction.

World War One: The Western Front
There was fighting on the Western Front from the start to the end of the war, and for many it was the decisive theatre.

The Causes and War Aims of World War One
Your Guide examines the biggest question in European History: the cause of World War One.

Timeline of World War 1
The key events of World War 1 divided by year and annotated by your Guide.

Glossary of World War 1
Confused by some of the terms in your reading on WW1? Try this glossary.

Casualties of World War 1
Facts, figures and details on the infamously high casualties suffered during World War 1 .

Key Figures of World War One
Short biographies of the key figures in the war.

World War One: The Major Alliances
Your Guide explores the make-up and origins of the Triple Alliance and Triple Entente.

World War One: The Eastern and Italian Fronts
The Western Front gets all the English language press, but the Eastern Front saw as much destruction.

The Battle of the Somme 1916
The Battle of the Somme, the worst day of combat for any nation in World War One.

Countries of World War 1
Over fifty countries were involved in World War One, but how many do you know? Your Guide presents a series of list designed for easy access, as well as a map.

Who Were The Doughboys of World War 1?
Do you know who the Doughboys were?

When did World War 1 Start?
A quick answer to this important question.

When did World War 1 End?
A quick answer to this question.

Books on the First World War
This page indexes onsite bibliographic information on the First World War.

Creeping Barrage / Rolling Barrage
A profile of the military practice called the Creeping Barrage.

The Battle of Third Ypres - Passchendaele
Your Guide examines the battle known, perhaps more than any other, for mud and futility.

The Sussex Pledge
An explanation of this promise between Germany and America in World War 1.

The Schlieffen Plan
The Schlieffen Plan was supposed to win Germany the war quickly, but was it fatally flawed from its conception?

The Christmas Truce of 1914
Although the popular memory of World War One is normally one of horrific casualties and 'wasted' life, the conflict does have tales of comradeship and peace. One of the most remarkable, and heavily mythologised, events concerns the 'Christmas Truce' of 1914...

Was it inevitable World War 1 would be a Long Conflict?
Your Guide looks at the argument that World War 1 was doomed to last for years the moment it began.

Information on the Salonikan Front in World War One.

Field Marshall Douglas Haig
Douglas Haig, the British commander for much of the war, remains a highly contentious figure.

The Battle of Verdun 1916
Your Guide narrates what might be the worst battle in history.

World War One's New Weapons: Gas and Tanks
World War One saw the development of several weapons, including one now widely banned in gas, and one widely used in tanks.

The Germans had plans for Europe after the war. One was Mitteleuropa.

Aircraft in World War 1
World War 1 saw aircraft become a vital part of modern warfare.

Gallipoli: World War One
In many parts of the world, Gallipoli remains the defining battle of World War One.

The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 1914
An account of the spark which finally started World War 1.

Consequences of World War One
A run down of the major consequences of World War One.

The Anglo-German Naval Race
The Anglo-German naval race is often cited as a factor in the start of World War 1.

World War One at Sea
The real war at sea was very different from how people thought it would be fought.

World War One: The Trenches
A description of the trenches, and trench life.

The Sinking of the Lusitania
The Sinking of the Lusitania nearly brought the US into World War One.

The Battle of Amiens 1918
A summary of the The Battle of Amiens, the Western Front, 1918.

The Battle of Cambrai 1917
A summary of the Battle of Cambrai, western front, 1917.

The Battle of Caporetto 1917
A summary of the Battle of Caporetto, Italian front, 1917

The Battle of Jutland 1916
Summary of the naval Battle of Jutland, 1916.

The Battle of Messines 1917
Summary of the the Battle of Messines, western front, 1917.

The Battle of Mons 1914
A summary of the Battle of Mons, western front, 1914.

The First Battle of the Marne 1914
Summary of the First Battle of the Marne, western front, 1914.

Key Battles of World War One
A list of key Battles of World War One, with links to summaries.

The Myth of the Angel of Mons
Your Guide explains the likely origins of the Angel / Bowmen / Saint of Mons.

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points: explanation and text.

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